The CDNA Summer Series started on 11 October (Tuesday) and runs for 8 weeks.

If you want to play contact one of our clubs to register your interest.

Our Winter Day Comp is finished. Our 2024 Winter Day Comp will commence in late March 2024.

Time 8:30 9:50 11:10 12:10 1:35 3:00

Age group/

10, 12, 14 11, 15 NetSetGo, 8, 9 13, Grads Odd Senior Divisions Even Senior Divisions


Spring Night Comp

Our Spring Night Competition commences on 26 September and finishes 28 November.

Games will be played at 7pm (Juniors) and 8:15pm (Seniors and Mixed).

For information about this competition contact the Competition Secretary, Sharyn Abdul on 0407 924 973.

Games will be played at the following times.

Fixture, Results and points tables by grade

Click on the link below to access the Draw (Fixture), Results and points table.

Draw, Results and Points Table



The key points to note are as follows:

  • People are no longer required to be fully vaccinated or carry vaccination evidence.
  • COVID-19 Safe Check-in is no longer required
  • Face masks are not required.
  • Density limits no longer apply.
  • COVID Safety Plans are no longer required.

Clubs should ensure that their members comply with the prevailing Public Health Orders. In addition:

  • players and spectators should not attend training or games if they are unwell
  • participants who test positive should self-isolate and not return to netball until receiving permission to do so from the health authorities.
  • non-sharing of drink bottles.
  • encouraging the dispersal of spectators.
  • promoting and providing hand-washing guidance.

We will continue to provide hand sanitiser within the venue.

From time to time, someone will attend the venue when they are asymptomatic and subsequently test positive. If this occurs, the Executive encourages Clubs to notify the opposing team so that the players in that team can be more vigilant in monitoring for symptoms than usual. The CDNA Executive points out that under the current definition, players from either team would not be considered close contacts as contact has been for less than 4 hours and in an outdoor setting.