Code of Behaviour

All umpires officiating in an affiliated competition are bound by the Netball NSW Code of Behaviour Policy and the Umpire Code of Behaviour.

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All umpires must be registered with the CDNA (either as a player, or a non‑player with NSW insurance). Umpires must sign the score sheet at the end of each game and provide their Association registration numbers.

Umpires who fail to sign on will incur a fine of $5.

Umpires who are not registered will incur a penalty of 4 competition points for the team for which they umpired.


Clearance to Umpire

All umpires must have a clearance for the level of game that they are umpiring. A fine of $10 applies for umpiring without the proper clearance. To obtain a clearance umpires must have a current theory pass and demonstrate that they are capable of umpiring that standard of game. Although not required it is preferable that umpires have completed the Foundation (previously level 1) Umpire accreditation,

An umpire's clearance may be revoked by the Association Umpiring Convenors if the umpire does not continue to meet the required standard.

Link to clearance form for Umpires (Club convenors are to submit to the Association Umpire Co-ordinator).


What can I umpire?

The Umpiring Matrix provides a guide to the badge level required to umpire a particular level of game.

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