Coaching for 2024

Coaching dates for 2024 will be available when finalised.

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To maintain your accreditation you must complete a series of tasks over a four-year period (updating). The updating program aims to raise the overall quality of coaches within netball by ensuring they are provided with ongoing education and development opportunities.  Upgrading requirements can be found here.

Netball Australia has changed the way accreditation updates work, making it easier for coaches, umpires and bench officials. Just log in to your Netball Learning Account


Training Session Plan

Checklist for beginner coaches

7 Step Progression for teaching a skill

Netball Australia Coaching Blueprint

Netball Australia Coaching Resource Page

NetSetGo Resources (Netball Australia)

NetSetGo Coaching Resources (Netball NSW)

NetSetGo Modified Rules

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MyNetball Learning

The MyNetball webpage has a number of on-line learning modules. To enrol log into your Netball Learning Account and select the course from the "Available Courses" under the Online Learning Tab.